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  • Mood: Dazed
Allrighty, where to start
ok well first of all i was too lazy to make a comic about this and just kinda kept derailing but whatever just gonna write it here instead

OKAY so i have been very busy with exams n'stuff but luckily thats over and blah blah blah ive been to USA shit was crazy i sprained my ankle cuz san francisco is full of hills and mountains and random holes in the ground apparently 
ey i come from denmark everything is pretty much flat
seriously we have like zero mountians here not even kidding
got back with some sweet Games from an EA tour and we also visited Double fine they were actually really nice love their games and the workers there
EA not so much
OH and i got like a BUNCH of hats top hats sailor hats military hats have i ever mentioned i like hats?
cuz i REALLY love hats 
*AHERM* right, enough of that stuff
so we got back from USA then Exams happend 
i still ask myself what kind of teacher decides that the perfect time to go to the USA is right before everyone starts their exams i mean come on wtf
so afther exams happend and i may or may not have utterly failed
((ill let u decide what happend:icondojimathumbsupplz:))
then sports week started 
all i have to say is i hate volleyball and my pinky finger is still not healed yet 

they got me into games again:iconp4wthplz:
AHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAA---i have alotta games i need to play ಠ_ಠ 
And alot of feels i  need to work through:iconiwanttopunchyouplz:

and yet i still feel stressed
like i havent really realised i'm on vacation i think i need to do some work or somthing i wanna work on a game or a comic or somthing i need somthing that can make me feel productive but not anoyyed by it
oh right i also need to find out how to do commissions n'stuff 
and i have alotta work ahead of me i just gotta step up my game in general 
i think ill start with some fanart of some of the games ive played 

sorry if this stuff is confusing but it helps me if i write stuff down and then organise it aftherwards

also i may be a bit drugged cuz of reasons but whatever
Happy summer vacation People ;D


Guilty Ghost Girl by chibi1art
Guilty Ghost Girl
sorry guys been busy with production school but here have a an old sketch 
so u know i aint dead but i'm pretty sure i'm not gonna be active here for a while now
Your Eyes are so DARK by chibi1art
Your Eyes are so DARK
Dishonored fanart with Emily Kaldwin in the void with the Outsider
i tried to draw it in the same style as Tales from Dunwall…
i kinda wanted to animate it a bit but nah i'm too lazy 
The Kid by chibi1art
The Kid
The Magician

i have never abused the noise filther so much before
but dang am i glad i did
so ye tarot card inspired if ya haden't guessed that allready

oh right i'm back from sunfall cuz of crappy rainy weather
well i guess i cant rly call it false advetisement since it is named sun and fall 
but man what a downer   so have a glitchy emo ish thing //not rly emo i just wanted to expirement but whatevs//
oh well hope ya like it ;B


(ง •̀_•́)ง
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
heyo my name is mathilde i'm a 18 year old girl from denmark who likes to draw stuff like most people on this website so i basicly just draw whatever the fuck i'm into at the moment such as fanart original art and comic strips from time to time

i'm here to share my art with the rest of the world and try to draw stuff that will make people have a quick laugh on a bad day or somthin in that sort of style
but like most people i also like to draw my own original characters and no not from any fandom or something like that i mean real original characters from my own original universe that i have originally created
whice is btw the comic i am currently working on and you'll probably see more of it in the future if u decide to watch me
so if you like me or my art why not watch me?

or give me a llama or something i dunno
oh i also have a tumblr tho i dont put as much art there as i do here its more like funny gifs and stuff
well thats it for now later! :iconmisakiciaoplz:

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